Content ideas?

Do you get stuck for fresh content ideas?

Sometimes we get caught up in what’s directly in front of us and miss the good stuff.
Don’t be afraid to look outside the square of your business. Consumers want to consume more than just what you are selling…they want to know more about you, why you do it and what inspires you in your business.

I’d love to unpack your business and find the fresh stuff!

On Point?

Is your brand packaging ON POINT?
Are you delivering or giving your product justice?

We are not afraid to ask you or your strategy the HARD questions. To be the best we can be… we need to be objective.
Design and packaging is one of our area of expertise.

Blanche Box is here to help and collaborate with some of the best in the business.


Out of touch?

Is your brand style out of touch with the current market?
Do you need help in making you more relevant to the “Now”.

We live in such a fast pasted world and we can become out of date/fashion very quickly. You can take some simple measures to remain classic and authentic easier than you think.

I would love to help!


Think of your website as the “Lungs” of your business… living, breathing and needs fresh air to flourish.

Now apply this thought to the content and imagery you feed it.

Contact me for a health check up on your website.